Wednesday, 4 August 2010

pitt stop

The engineering department had a pittstop night, everybody had to dress up as racing drivers and pitt girls!! It was a really eventful night, and I was doing the photography for the website and for next years pitt stop promotional. I was hired officially by Lee Lapihuska to follow everybody with my camera, but by the end of the night and after a few drinks myself the quality of the pictures changed considerably, but despite this I got some lovely shots of everybody and some really unique moments! cheers to the smurfs for turning up also! I wasn't the only photographer there, Thibault Fenie, also an engineering student and photoshop god was there taking portrait photos all night, and people standing with the special guest... the Stig! The night started in the Student Guild and finished at Liquid in Wrexham, the last thing I remember was a short bouncer man in a fluorescent jacket asking my friend swampy to leave the premises at the end of the night, he didn't expect swampy to be 6 and a half foot tall, and therefore failed miserably!! Good times, and I'm looking forward to doing more photography for events like this in the near future!

We got to Liquid and I stopped using flash photography, and going on the minimal lighting of the club instead.

Towards the end of the night (before I got drunk!) it was alot easier to get some really natural poses from people, and to play bit more with the camera settings.

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